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Skåne runt

Skåne runtTest your skills about Skåne with this tricky game.

The game consists of 4 parts of variable difficulty.
The game parts are:


  1. Stadsorientering – City location knowledge
    Here you have to hit the correct location for each city on the map of Skåne
  2. Matcha kommunvapen – Match county coat of arms
    This game is a memory game, consisting of the coat of arms of Skåne.
  3. Samla sevärdheter – Collect sights.
    Similar to the first game part, but instead you have to find the correct location for various sights located in Skåne.
  4. Bygg din Skånebild – Build your Skåne picture
    In this game you have to use your puzzle skills to put all parts of a picture in their right spots to reveal the full picture.

Play Skåne runt here


Note: Atm the highscore list is broken.